Thursday Things We Love: Ombre!

June 21st, 2012
By Emily

Ombre, French for shaded. Where color and tones slowly shade into each other. Sounds pretty fantastic right? An image of a beautiful sunset pops into our minds.  From the runways of the fashion world, to even the hair of many celebrities, Ombre has been a huge trend this year.

What’s the logical next step to take? A jump into the world of weddings of course! From floral arrangements, to bridesmaid dresses and even cakes;  Ombre has hit the market and is hotter than ever. The best part is that you can use any color pallet. From bold bright colors to soft creams, Ombre can work for you.

We’ve gathered some of the most lust worthy images from around the wedding web, to show you how Ombre can transition from the art world to anyone’s special day.

Peach Ombre Cake / Pink Ombre Cake / Purple Ombre Dresses / Pink Ombre Dresses / Ombre Guest Cards / Ombre Flower Arraignment

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