Thursday Things We Love: Inspiration!

March 15th, 2012
By Jessica

I love wedding blogs.  And we are proud members of some of the biggest wedding networks: Style Me PrettyWedding Chicks, etc.  BUT the blogosphere/pinterest does NOT have the answer for how to make your wedding feel like you.  It is easy to get swept up in the beautiful images and dreamy descriptions of weddings featured online.  If you want to create a personal wedding that reflects you and your fiancee than I say, START WITH YOU.  What do you like? Where do you live? Where do you love to go?

Our clients who have the most memorable weddings, full of warmth and injected with their character, don’t even refer to blogs when we start the design process.  Rather, we talk about a favorite restaurant, a favorite simple arrangement of flowers they always have in their bedroom, the look and feel of their home.  A couple that loved the colors and feeling of their favorite local Mexican restaurant used that as a springboard for their Barn Fiesta.  This place was where they felt happy and comfortable and we replicated that for the wedding.  Another couple showed me via skype a stemless wineglass with a single white lily and said “this is really what we love.”  We used that one image to design the simple, clean florals at their wedding and the whole place (albeit an airplane hangar) felt just like them.  When we planned our own wedding we lived in a log cabin with mid-century furniture. That juxtaposition is what we infused in our barn wedding with modern flowers in glass cubes.

I really encourage you to turn off your computer and look around your life! Your wedding and what inspires you is all around.

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